Harry Benson: Persons of Interest

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With decades spent deliberately being in just the right place at just the right time, Benson's photographs and writings of his encounters and adventures are sure to be of broad interest to photography afficionados, history lovers, and people young and old. With subjects ranging from Queen Elizabeth to Amy Winehouse, from Frank Sinatra to Brad Pitt, from Greta Garbo to Kate Moss, from Winston Churchill to Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, Benson explores and delights our public fascination with his images of the lives of the rich, powerful, and famous.

Critic Leonard Maltin said it all when he wrote, "Harry Benson has been witness to the key events of the past half-century and has never failed to capture their most telling moments with his camera."

Harry Benson is the author of 16 books including Harry Benson: Photographs(powerHouse Books, 2009), Bobby Fischer (powerHouse Books, 2011), andwith Hilary Geary Ross, New York, New York (powerHouse Books, 2011, andPalm Beach People (powerHouse Books, 2014).

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